A friendly bunch

environmentally speaking

Seasons, Wild & Free deliver delicious meals at a fair price without costing the earth!

It’s easy to throw around words like sustainable, local, hand-made but where’s the commitment to higher welfare food production or the environment? Even when effort has been made to give the perception of an environmentally friendly product, the food within is still largely anonymous, leaving us unsure and distrustful of production quality and ethics.

Seasons, Wild & Free have changed that. We use locally supplied fruit and veg, organic and free-range meat and wild and sustainable fish. We also aim to keep our food miles, extremely low. Infact, we could walk to more than half of all our suppliers!

Unlike most modern convenience, which often come in plastic trays with non-recyclable film, Seasons, Wild & Free only use 100% compostable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging to ensure we are part of the solution and not the problem.

In supporting local, ethical, artisanal suppliers and providing a convenient dining solution without expanding on existing environmental issues, Seasons, Wild & Free have become the solution to our need for convenience without creating problems that cost us the earth!

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