the why?

Some years ago now, I imagined a business entirely to indulge my unbiased love of food! Cooking, eating, feeding, reading about, shopping for…and generally discovering. New restaurants are of course a favourite pastime. Less conventionally, I became a surveyor of all and any food purveyor, from the butchers to La Boqueria. Spending an hour browsing meat cuts, like a child in a sweet store until ultimately, I’d be invited to see the refrigerated hanging area.  It didn’t disappoint.

My pregnancies were misspent, along with my maternity leave, gorging on food channels and making everything that took my fancy (who’s gonna argue?) Perpetually compelled to buy new ingredients, previously unseen and with no recipe in mind, I knew, eventually a career in food was in store.

So now I cook…. for many people on events big and small, for friends, fashion, film and retail and in some fairly unconventional locations. I love the creativity and the opportunity to showcase amazing produce and to share the food I love.

Influenced by the nostalgia of the delicious foods of my childhood and the exciting world of flavour that opened up to me when I moved to Australia, my food philosophy is to get the best flavour from the best produce without costing the earth.  We use real foods, produced with thought and integrity, influenced by the seasons and surrounds. 

More recently, the Why? has evolved, the food I love only seems to be available if you make it yourself but we are not always afforded the luxury of time to do this? My Instagram feed shares quick cooks and heathy hacks for time poor foodies but for those whose schedules didn’t extend to culinary creativity, there is nothing convenient on the market without compromising on our values around provenance and packaging. Until now….

 “Seasons, Wild & Free-ze” and “Dinner Parties Delivered” offer every-day and gourmet food that I love to make and eat and now love to share! Using the same beautiful local, free-range, organic or wild produce, compostable and recyclable packaging, all our meals whether fresh or frozen are made with thought and love, just as you would, if only you had the time!

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