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gift vouchers

Speaking from experience, what better way to show someone you care, than giving the gift of a home cooked meal?

In all the beautiful gifts I received as a new mum, the most memorable is still opening the door to a freshly cooked Lasagne, Curry or Bolognese. This wasn’t just food… it was salvation! The gift that says “I get it.” “I’ve got your back”…. “I understand.”

Whether it’s for a new mum, a poorly friend or an older relative, they will love you for this thoughtful and useful gift.

To feed a friend, order via the website and we will email your message along with a voucher that tells them you care!

*food can be delivered free within 15kms of our kitchen in Tenterden on orders over £50 or for a small delivery fee, if further afield or collected by appointment of course.

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