Re-defining Convenience.
Delicious handmade food,
delivered with a conscience…

Seasons, Wild & Free-ze

Re-defining Convenience. Delicious handmade food, delivered with a conscience

Seasons, Wild & Free-ze

Convenience: We love it! We NEED it! When we are so often inconvenienced by expanded work schedules, unpredictable commutes or the unsolicited, minor mishaps of modern life, convenience food provides the perfect antidote to a busy day.

Whilst convenience is something we all demand to cope with our busy schedule, I’m sure we’d all prefer the convenience of something delicious that will sustain us, without an adverse impact to our health or the environment.

Seasons, Wild and Free-ze offers just this. It’s convenience redefined. Convenience with a conscience, convenience without compromise. Convenience using real food, responsibly produced in every sense. Food that doesn’t compromise our ethics around food production methods, the environment and nutrition. Convenience that support our growers and farmers and animal welfare, convenience that is sustainable and responsible and has been made with thought and care, to deliver something truly delicious and deserving of your hard-earned £ and your well-earned night off!

Within this range you can choose from:

Deliciously Wild & Free-ze

A delicious range of fresh frozen meals made with local, organic and free-range meat and sustainable and wild fish for the time poor foodie

Deliciously Wild & Free-ze, offering a more traditional menu, these meals are made with beautiful free-range and organic meat, wild and sustainable fish and locally supplied vegetables. Our generous use of garden herbs and delicate spice mean that these recipes, whilst big on flavour, are suitable for all palettes including the young.

“I was lucky enough to be at a party catered by Seasons Wild & Free on Saturday and have to say that the food tasted just as wonderful as it looked. I tried all of the salads on offer (more than once!) and they complemented each other and the wild sea trout beautifully. Absolutely delicious.”

– Katrina Jenkins, Private Party Guest

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