Beautifully curated artisan
feasts in a box for your
relaxed chic affair…

Crate & Create

Beautifully curated artisan feasts in a box for your relaxed chic affair

Crate & Create

A beautifully curated wooden crate, combining our homemade deliciousness with the best local, artisanal produce of the seasons and surrounds!

Salads, meats, fish, bread and cheese and of course sweets from both our kitchen and our favourite small batch producers; beautifully wrapped in our compostable and biodegradable packaging. You can expect the same Seasons, Wild & Free high standards but we have extended it to include those who put in the same thought and care to bring you the most delicious produce, created with love.

“Crate & Create” is a beautiful alternative to the constraints of formal dining. Bespoke boxes can be served inside or out, at tables or on turf. Your guests can choose from your selection and decanting beautiful, surprise packages of yumminess is a great way to get them talking and sharing. They’ll be best friends by speeches!

Menus range from the traditional to the exotic and from classic picnics to fine dining. Everyone is served together and food is served at room temperate so no panicking if schedules run over.

Crate & Create is the ultimate, relaxed-chic dining experience. Whether it’s a wedding in a wood or a bohemian banquet in a barn, each crate can be styled to your taste, event and purse and to fit your theme.

How it works

Once we take time to understand the style and theme of your event, you can tailor your crates to include almost anything your heart desires!

Not only do we make the most delicious morsels on site, we also work with over 30 local and small batch producers to offer an unrivalled range of the best produce around.

Whether it’s smoked salmon and oysters you’re after or the humble sausage roll, we make and source the best quality to ensure your event not only looks show stopping but delivers on the most delicious flavours, made with thought and love.

Each crate can be decorated by our florist (or not, as you wish) and will be filled to the brim and delivered at the time you desire. Depending on your needs, we can arrange to staff your event or simply collect the crates at an agreed time within 3 hours of arrival.

Crockery and cutlery are hired separately depending on your needs and we can help you with this too.

“So so delicious! The flavours and colours are just amazing. Every mouthful a little bit of heaven that makes you go back for more.”

– Clare Rossling, Private Party Guest

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