Hi, Welcome to my new blog! Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to look at the (also) new website but either way, I figure a good place to start the blog was by telling you a bit about my food journey and Seasons, Wild & Free so far, so you can decide if it resonates and might be something you’re interested to know more about!

Seasons, Wild & Free is a business imagined from my passion for food and feeding people as an expression of thought and love, twinned with the acknowledgement that many of us don’t always have the time or energy to cook something fabulous from scratch. Whist we may not want or need a full scale catering experience, we could all use a delicious meal, made with thought and love, just as we would have done, if only we had the time.

On my journey it seemed that there was nothing conveniently available that met with my values around production practices, animal welfare or the environment and yet there doesn’t seem to be a reason why not. With a little research, I found all the packaging I would need to deliver food in an environmental way. I found excellent suppliers who all share my values and seemingly enough people interested in having a night off from the kitchen! This flexibility lent itself to Friday night supper for 2, full scale dinner parties or a week of meals in self-catered accommodation and more.

For many people cooking from scratch is a pleasure; a way to relax and unwind and show creative flair. For others, it’s a hard-fought badge of honour. Something that needs to be done, that takes you away from family and friends; slaving for hours only to be left with mountains of washing up at the end.

Whilst I love cooking, the joy of delving into those tiny freezer compartments in our tin holiday let  to select a Seasons, Wild and Free-ze meal was undeniable.  Equally liberating was tossing the compostable packaging, guilt free, into the bin whilst we spent the next hour in the pool or hot tub. Dinner had taken care of itself.


In essence what I hope to bring you is the opportunity to have a little salvation from the kitchen and still eat beautiful food, you’ll be proud to serve. It is a guilt free, convenient way to share delicious food with family and friend or just to treat yourself without it  (in all senses) costing the earth!

Bon Appétit! x




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