Reclaim the day and
enjoy the nights with…

Dinner Parties Delivered

Reclaim the day and enjoy the nights with…

Dinner Parties Delivered

Planned, Shopped and Prepped; we take care of the labour to deliver a meal made with love. All you need to do is add your final flourishes

Dinner parties delivered is part of our range of ethical food and lifestyle solutions for time poor foodies feeding family and friends. It’s a concept derived from the idea that we all love to enjoy beautiful meals with but modern-day scheduling of work and family life leaves little time for the luxury of cooking from scratch, never mind the planning, shopping and prepping. 

Dinner Parties Delivered offers all the convenience of prepared meals, whilst upholding our values around the food we eat. Only locally reared, Free Range or Organic meat and sustainably sourced and wild fish are used. We showcase local, seasonal fruit and veg. and buy direct from suppliers to ensure they get a fair deal and we minimise on packaging and food miles. Furthermore, we deliver food in fully compostable and biodegradable packaging so it will breakdown and not adversely affect this borrowed earth. Ooh and no pan washing. Yay!

“My Family and I thoroughly enjoyed a dinner party, kindly prepared by Seasons, Wild and Free. Every single dish was exquisite. The quality of the ingredients was excellent, local and fresh.”

– Gili, “Dinner Party Delivered” Host

Dinner parties delivered can be ordered as fresh, delicious and healthy meals for 1-2 or full-scale dinner parties for a crowd. Either way, it is prepared food you can feel proud to feed the ones you love.  Quality time is not defined by hours at the stove, but rather the hours spent enjoying delicious homecooked meals with family and friends. The service we deliver takes care of the labour so that you can enjoy a meal made with love and enjoy those seasons….wild and free!

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